Welcome guys and girls
To a viking warrior honour and glory in battle were the only things that lasted forever and the belief of valhalla when a warrior died. So you want to be a viking forge ambassador? 
Taking on a brand ambassador role means that you want to represent our brand in a positive light, and by doing so you will help raise our brand awareness. You might not make it to valhalla but perform well and there are plenty of rewards for our successful ambassadors.
Before we send you that email.....we would need to see
you have purchased one of our products and left a positive review. How can you promote or represent a brand if you don't use it yourself??? you will represent the brand positively in a magnitude of settings, 
Participating in the event marketing and gym meet ups. Generating brand awareness through multiple social media networks and events, You need to be active in your chosen field of battle. Strongman, strongwoman, body building, fitness or any other discipline. We would require a minimum of two videos , two posts per week,     to keep up   with interaction of your followers.