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Meet The Team

Rob Frampton

Rob is a multiple world strongest man competitor, He is a strength coach out of his own gym strength tech , he is still competing in some grip and static strength comps all round nice guy.

Danny Ingram 

Height - 6 FT

started lifting weights at 14 years old. At the time i was playing football and was signed to a pro club. I was also a county athlete specialized in sprinting.

my fitness career and timeline now spans over 20 years as a athlete , personal trainer / prep coach and competitive body builder.

multiple title holder .



Ebby AKA Silver back is a cancer survivor and uses that to push him self every day to be the biggest baddest version of him self - give him a follow and see his Viking journey 


AGE - 26 years old

WEIGHT - 137 kg 

HEIGHT - 6 ft 2

Hailing from the isle of wight.

This 300 lbs doorman is the strongest man on the island coming for Englands strongest man next so quitting is not an option while i have viking blood running through me.

AGE - 25

HEIGHT - 6ft3

Rebecca is currently Europes strongest woman and a 4 x world champion in strong woman and grip sport ( 2 in each sport ), she holds several world records .started training for health reasons after a major back injury playing rugby , but strong-women quickly became my passion.